Reviving BestPlaces: An Unexpected Rebound Copy


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There's nothing quite like the dread a company feels when a sudden Google algorithm update decimates its traffic

a trusted website for location-based information, learned this the hard way. Providing data-driven content about the best places to live, work, and visit - from cost of living comparisons to crime rates to school quality - BestPlaces saw a marked decline in traffic that threatened its place in the market.

Challenges and Setbacks

BestPlaces excelled at presenting complex, location-based data in a digestible format. But the algorithm change hampered its reach, engagement, and by extension, its reputation. The situation needed urgent intervention. The goal? Not simply to recover lost ground, but to rebound stronger and better than ever before.

Tackling Traffic Drop with Jasper's API

When the going gets tough, the tough get innovative. BestPlaces leveraged Sully to give their content a much-needed facelift. The API allowed BestPlaces to streamline and automate their content creation by integrating directly into their content platform. This resulted in the automated creation of over 80,000 header paragraphs that uniquely described different locations across the US. A mammoth task, executed to perfection, without compromising on the authenticity of the content.

The Payoff: A Remarkable 800% Increase in Traffic

Taking a calculated risk that paid off splendidly, BestPlaces witnessed an astounding 800% surge in traffic, surpassing all previous records and re-establishing its prominence in a fiercely competitive marketplace. This strategic shift not only successfully reinstated the website's reputation but also liberated the marketing team's valuable time, allowing them to channel their efforts toward fostering creativity and further driving traffic through captivating feature articles. As a result, the website experienced sustained growth and continued to captivate an ever-expanding audience.

Leading the Race: BestPlaces Trumps Competition

The story doesn't end with recovery. Today, BestPlaces has emerged as a formidable contender in the race for traffic. By exploring the capabilities of AI and tuning Jasper queries to produce unique content, BestPlaces not only draws a greater influx of visitors but is surpassing some of its long-time competitors.

This remarkable achievement is a testament to the incredible power of strategic, innovative thinking - a power unleashed and amplified by the game-changing capabilities of Jasper's API. With its cutting-edge technology and visionary approach, BestPlaces continues to pave the way for success in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

BestPlaces' journey is proof that no matter how steep the decline, with the right tools and a willingness to adapt to the ever-shifting climate and market, making a comeback is not just possible — it's inevitable.