simple, personalized and scales as you grow.

Automates Tasks in Seconds automates tasks in seconds to your EHR by simply speaking to it.

Never Forgets

Sully can do tasks based on certain rules that you can set for it.

Connect the dots! is learning new medical data every second and knows about your encounters, so it’ll help you connect the dots better than anyone else.

Hyper Personalization's Doctor-LM is personalized for each physician at scale. Customize it effortlessly through voice or natural language to tailor your entire environment.

24/7 on your side

You can train, and guess what, it will not take any days off. Always on! No Overtime!!

Decision Support Superpower

Sully will not only moderate and turn your conversation into medical notes, but will also help with decision support during the encounter.

All-in-one Software Powered by AI


Effortlessly collects up-to-date symptoms directly from patients.

Provides a holistic view of patient health and symptoms.

Streamlines the intake process and improves diagnostic accuracy.

Decision Support

Offers real-time support during patient consultations.

Provides data-driven insights and recommendations.

Enhances clinical decision-making and treatment planning.


Seamlessly transcribes spoken conversations into medical notes.

Reduces administrative workload and improves note accuracy.

Enhances communication and collaboration among healthcare providers.


Utilizes advanced algorithms to analyze symptoms.

Provides accurate and efficient diagnoses.

Supports doctors in delivering better patient outcomes.

Clinical Plan

Generates comprehensive treatment plans based on diagnoses.

Tailors plans to each patient's unique needs.

Ensures continuity and quality of care.


Enables customization of workflows to streamline tasks.

Improves clinic efficiency and productivity.

Allows more focus on patient care by reducing administrative workload.